What’s different about us?

  • Education that is hands-on and practical: There will be opportunities for local experts (tradespeople, professionals, hobbyists and entrepreneurs) to visit the classroom and participate in in-school projects, as well as field trips for students to visit workplaces and participate in hands-on learning. We have both active and retired tradespeople willing to share their expertise.
  • Community-Connected learning: Community-engaged programming that includes visual and performing arts, STEM and physical education, will be offered in larger blocks of time. Field Education excursions will take students into the community to make meaningful connections to the curriculum.
  • Developing a sense of belonging: Students meet local artists, craftsmen, farmers, tradespeople and the elderly. Inter-generational learning helps students to understand the current needs and challenges, in a historical context.
  • 21st century skills: Skills that enable students to pursue any career in a rural setting. (Virtual meetings, online collaboration, time management, file sharing, home office setup, writing effective and efficient emails.)
  • Participation in the democratic process: Students will have opportunities to participate in community enhancement activities. Teachers will help students discover ways that they can contribute to their communities, as well as join with organizations that are already doing great things in our community. Organizations will mentor students in developing skills for the successful coordination and administration of a well-functioning organization.
  • Rural Students are not all the same, and should be offered opportunities to pursue their interests. We are committed to find innovative ways for students to access the courses that meet their needs and goals.

About the proposed Holden Rural Academy

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