Almost There!

Tomorrow is the day we resubmit our preliminary application. Thanks for all the support! We have received 27 more declarations, with 56 students starting the first year and 17 more starting in the next 2 years. That’s 80% of our goal of 70 students the first year! We even have a dozen younger kids signed up for future years!

If you know of someone that would like to be able to keep their high school kids at a local school, tell them about the Holden Rural Academy! If you’ve been meaning to fill out a form and just haven’t gotten around to it, today is the day!!

We are making a three year projection, so if you have a student(s) in grades 4 – 11, you can fill out a form. If you need more information, see the About page, or email This is not a registration form, or a commitment. You are always free to register your student in the school of your choice.

Online Jotform: Parent Declaration Jotform

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