Insight from the Prairie Principal

The Holden Rural Academy is working together with Kevin Van Lagen – The Prairie Principal! Kevin will be assessing our programming needs, to help us determine the best ways to deliver quality education to rural students. He will assist us in interpreting the letter from the Minister of Education, to ensure compliance with the conditions set out. Kevin will provide the experience and expertise we need to accomplish our goals.

Rural students have superstar power. I have taught some of the most creative, responsible, and intelligent students in rural schools. They have big dreams and have the ability to achieve those dreams. We fail as leaders if we do not see this potential or only want to encourage one type of potential. Some of our students will head to university and lead their classes in academic achievement. Some of our students will head to college and again enjoy the successes of their program. Some will choose neither. That’s okay. We are here to believe in the dreams of our students, regardless of what they hope to achieve in life. Trades are awesome. Agriculture careers are amazing. University degrees are great. The only thing that matters is that we believe our students can do great things. Believing in the dreams of students means we care about the student, their wellbeing, their academic, emotional, intellectual, and athletic success.

Kevin Van Lagen – The Prairie Principal – 10 Ways to Destroy a Rural School posted on Facebook February 24, 2022

To learn more about the Prairie Principal, visit his facebook page:

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