A new way to experience education!

It has been so long since our last update!! We had a great meeting with our educational consultant, Kevin Van Lagen. He looked at our plan, our programming, our facilities and said, YES! You can do this! It will be amazing!

Afternoons will be exceptional!

After a morning devoted to core courses, students will be able to choose from a variety of projects, many of them off-campus. The entire afternoon will be devoted to that option, for 8 weeks at a time. Students can then choose to try a new opportunity or continue to stay in the one they love!
• Sports: hockey, swimming, fitness training, baseball or a combination.
• Fine Arts: Drama at the theatre, Art classes at the Gallery.
• Automotive & HD Mechanics
• Woodshop/Construction
• Culinary Skills – in the commercial kitchen at the community hall
• Apprenticeship (RAP) or work experience, Green Certificate
• Interested in Horticulture, Forensic Science, Photography, Law, Accounting? We can facilitate online courses for almost any interest.
• Does your career pathway require a heavier academic load? Find the right balance of academic courses and off-campus opportunities that will help you succeed.

Our staff will work together with students and families to develop an education plan that has clear expectations for academic achievement, and helps students develop career goals.
We are collaborating with local professionals, trades people, hobbyists and entrepreneurs, to deliver quality education for rural students. Do you have something you would like to share with students? Let us know! We may be able to incorporate your ideas, now or in the future.

Costs? Holden Rural Academy is a public charter school. There are no tuition fees. There will be school fees, and some projects may have a fee attached. Hiring and registration information will be posted soon.

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