School Choice: What is it?

In the province of Alberta, parents have the right to choose the kind of education they feel will be best for their children. But choice in education is mainly an urban idea. When your local school closes, you don’t really have a choice!

Until now!

Holden Rural Academy offers a local choice, tailored to rural students. We operate on the philosophy of Place-Based Education – learning that brings the students into the community and the community into the school.

Rural parents in Alberta want local public schools that are robust, vibrant, and centres of innovation. Look at the amount of financial donations that rural schools receive from their local communities. . . . It’s not because our communities are fabulously wealthy. It’s because they value the local school.

Kevin Van Lagen – The Prairie Principal – Choice in Education – posted on Facebook October 20, 2020

There are two other rural charter schools in Alberta: Valhalla (K-9) and New Humble. (K-6)

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