Superintendent Announcement

We are please to announce our new superintendent, Wesley Oginski!

Wesley Oginski is an experienced Alberta educator and leader with experience in small rural and large urban school authorities, including Grande Yellowhead Public Schools, Rocky View Schools and Northland School Division.

He began his career as a teacher in a small rural school in Dunstable, Alberta and soon was appointed principal at Meadowview School in the same school district.  His career has taken him to northern and southern Alberta, where he worked as a teacher, principal, curriculum manager/supervisor/director and associate superintendent.  Most recently, he has been seconded to Alberta Education from Northland School Division as a consultant in Teacher and Leadership Certification.

Mr. Oginski’s work in curriculum includes leading his school jurisdictions in the development and implementation of collaborative practices in 21st century competencies for staff. His philosophy is that the school needs to work together with students and families to develop an education plan that has clear expectations for academic achievement, and helps students develop career goals. Mr. Oginski has extensive experiences in education that have prepared him to guide Holden Rural Academy forward in progressing towards Alberta’s vision where the education of our students is fundamental to shaping a preferred provincial, national and global future.

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