New Principal!

Announcing our Principal, Brian Dewar!

Brian J. Dewar is a student advocate! He started out his teaching career as a student teacher in McGill University as a Curling Teacher in the PE department. After graduation he was hired by Northland School Division and moved to Desmarais Alberta where he taught Special Education and after a year and a half was moved to a principalship in Lubicon Lake where he stayed for 9 nine years. He then moved to Head Office in Peace River for a year. A principalship came up in Peace River and he went back to the school-based leadership for 5 years before being headhunted to become the Education Director for the newly formed Woodland Cree First Nation. After a three year stint the Chief moved him to the position of First Nation Administrator where he stayed for the next 5 years. He then went back to Northland School Division as the principal of Bishop Routhier school. After a 5-year stint he moved to Aspenview School Division for three years working at the Outreach after the three years he retired. It was a short-lived retirement as the Board Chair for Northland called him to go back to his roots in Lubicon Lake where he remained for another five years. He then went to work for the First Nation setting up the adult-based education and work placement program. Once the program was set up and running, he then accepted an administration relief position which he held for three years.

Brian is married to Crystal and is an avid curler and golfer. He loves to travel, especially to Disney Parks and Mexico. He also attends many NASCAR events around the USA.

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