Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to Holden Rural Academy.   

It is exciting to be leading Holden Rural Academy’s (HRA) inaugural year  HRA is a new school and a new venture.  Being superintendent of a new program and school has always been an ambition of mine as an educator and leader in education.  

HRA is unique in Alberta.  It is the first public charter school offering junior and senior high school programming in rural Alberta focusing on place based learning.

Place-based education connects learning to the community and the world around us. Schools in rural communities play a vital role in Alberta. They bring educational opportunities to places and people where they live. Schools in rural communities are centres of activity and engagement for all residents in the area to gather, celebrate, build social networks and relationships, and to build communities. These schools support a lifestyle, traditions and culture that are central for the agricultural and other industries operating in rural areas.

I have learned that schools in our communities contribute significantly to the cultural fabric of Alberta. We must recognize that schools have a variety of important impacts on the community, beginning with providing education to our youth. Schools are a hub of activity, celebrations, events and community engagement. In many cases, the community provides the foundation for growth and learning, as well as a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

HRA embraces this.  We will work with the community to build formal and informal partnerships.  These relationships are critical to sustaining place based programs. 

Wesley Oginski


Holden Rural Academy

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