School Choice: What is it?

In the province of Alberta, parents have the right to choose the kind of education they feel will be best for their children. But choice in education is mainly an urban idea. When your local school closes, you don’t really have a choice! Until now! Holden Rural Academy offers a local choice, tailored to ruralContinue reading “School Choice: What is it?”

A School That Says Yes!

Enthusiasm is building around Holden Rural Academy. Teachers are reaching out, interested in a community-based, student-focused program. We’ve received great resumes before we’ve even advertised for positions! Teachers want to invest in a school community that puts the needs of students first. The Prairie Principal, Kevin Van Lagen said to us, “You are going toContinue reading “A School That Says Yes!”

We need your registrations ASAP!

Rural students have unique and diverse needs. Their education should validate their rural experience. Place-Based Education recognizes that students have strong connections to their communities. It capitalizes on local community places and resources to provide an effective context for learning. One of the conditions for opening this fall is that we have enough students. WeContinue reading “We need your registrations ASAP!”

A new way to experience education!

It has been so long since our last update!! We had a great meeting with our educational consultant, Kevin Van Lagen. He looked at our plan, our programming, our facilities and said, YES! You can do this! It will be amazing! Afternoons will be exceptional! After a morning devoted to core courses, students will beContinue reading “A new way to experience education!”

Insight from the Prairie Principal

The Holden Rural Academy is working together with Kevin Van Lagen – The Prairie Principal! Kevin will be assessing our programming needs, to help us determine the best ways to deliver quality education to rural students. He will assist us in interpreting the letter from the Minister of Education, to ensure compliance with the conditionsContinue reading “Insight from the Prairie Principal”