What kind of curriculum and options are available?

Charter schools must meet the requirements of a basic education as defined by Alberta Education and described in the provincial curriculum. Students write PATs and diploma exams, the same as public schools.

A day at the Holden Rural Academy will include in-class learning, as well as practical, hands-on learning.

After a morning devoted to core courses, students of age will be able to choose from a variety of projects, many of them off-campus. The entire afternoon will be devoted to that option. Students will be allowed to try a new opportunity or may continue in the same one.
• Sports: swimming, fitness training, baseball, dance, badminton.
• Fine Arts: Drama, Art Classes, Film Studies, Innovation Lab
• Automotive & HD Mechanics
• Woodshop/Construction
• Culinary Skills – in the commercial kitchen at the community hall
• Apprenticeship (RAP) or work experience, Green Certificate
• Interested in Horticulture, Photography, Accounting? We can facilitate online courses for almost any interest. We are planning to make space, supervision and assistance available to students taking online courses.
• Does your career pathway require a heavier academic load? Find the right balance of academic courses and off-campus opportunities that will help you succeed.

Our staff are working together with students and families to develop an education plan that has clear expectations for academic achievement, and helps students develop career goals.

Senior high students will have access to all courses required for a high school diploma.

Off-Campus Programming: Alberta Education has developed programs for vocational education. The school will facilitate the use of RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program), Green Certificate, Dual Credit, Work Experience, job shadowing and career internships. CTS courses or locally developed courses will be offered to prepare students for successful off-campus placements.

Future plans include the development of an all-school project that would incorporate trades, technology, engineering, marketing, research and innovation. Students would develop a business plan, and work through complex decisions similar to what a small business owner would make, taking ownership of the business from idea conception to the sale of a physical product. We are developing an Innovation Lab that would incorporate fabrication and design, leading to sales and marketing. Our Ag program is looking at a 12-month greenhouse, providing local, fresh produce to the community.

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