The Hobbit Effect

I was reading a report entitled The Hobbit* Effect: Why Small Works in Public Schools. They believe that good schools, close to home are the right of every child. In rural communities, that means keeping small schools open and making them the best schools they can be. They want to dispel the illusion that bigger is better. I’ll share their perspective on each of the Ten Research-Based Reasons Why Small Works.

Extra-curricular participation is associated with several positive outcomes for students:
they have more positive attitudes about their school experience and learning, have higher self-esteem, and have higher expectations about obtaining a college degree.

Why do small schools lead to greater extra-curricular participation? One explanation is that in any school there are a limited number of slots for student participation and leadership. Schools of any size might require at least one person to play the trumpet in the school band, to write about school athletics for the school newspaper, or to be goalie on the soccer team. In schools with limited enrollment, almost every student is needed for these activities to occur. In small schools, no student is extraneous.

*The main characters of JRR Tolkien’s books, Hobbits are small in size, but huge in courage and unrelenting in their focus on attaining their goals. In addition, they fully appreciate their rural roots and gladly return home when their quest is fulfilled.

“The Hobbit Effect: Why Small Works in Public Schools,” by Lorna Jimerson

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