A School That Says Yes!

Enthusiasm is building around Holden Rural Academy. Teachers are reaching out, interested in a community-based, student-focused program. We’ve received great resumes before we’ve even advertised for positions! Teachers want to invest in a school community that puts the needs of students first. The Prairie Principal, Kevin Van Lagen said to us, “You are going to have so much fun saying, Yes!” Yes of course we can have an 8 week hockey program with coaches. Yes we can bring in a real mechanic to work on projects. A welder? Yes. Dance and drama coaches. Of course! We are building programs in partnership with local entrepreneurs and businesses.

As the the third rural charter school in the province, we are joining others in bringing true choice in education to rural Alberta!

To make all our great ideas available to students this fall, we need to show Alberta Education that we have enough registrations. Please return your registration form as soon as possible! Or fill in the online form.

Contact Us

Email: holdenruralacademy@gmail.com

Call/Text: 780-336-6457

Download and return the completed form via email, in person at the school 5335 50 Ave

or mail to Holden Rural Academy Society Box 130 Holden, AB T0B 2C0

Paper: Registration Forms are available at the school office.

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