Jigsaw Puzzle

I was reflecting on the work that we have been doing to apply for a charter school. When we started, we had an idea in mind, sort of like the picture on the outside of jigsaw puzzle box. Upon opening the box, we discovered that it was more than just a puzzle with pieces that fit together to make a perfect picture. It was actually an adventure box! There were scavenger hunts, games of hide and seek, complete with distractions and extra pieces that didn’t belong.

So what have we been doing? We resubmitted the preliminary application, with the additional information requested by the Minister, on the September 17 deadline. While we are waiting for the minister’s response, we are working on the details of the final application. This includes tedious work on bylaws, policy development plans and measures to assess goals and outcomes; important foundational work, but not very interesting to share about. Sort of like when there is just the sky pieces left in the puzzle.

Our next deadline is in 2 weeks, November 1. Hopefully we will receive a response from the Minister before then, but if not, we will submit the final application anyway. We can’t miss this important deadline, in order to open next fall.

Thank you for your patience, and your encouragement along the way.

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